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Here at Mojo Pilates we specialise in delivering Physio-Led Pilates classes. The Mojo Pilates method is the prefect balance of both the original Joseph Pilates repertoire and therapeutic exercises, inspired and supported by evidenced based Physiotherapy practice. Mojo makes Pilates safe and accessible for everybody.

Our classes are small, friendly mixed ability groups and suitable for beginners and pre & postnatal ladies. We ensure that each and every person has the required level of coaching and support to help them gain the most from their Pilates journey.
Our aim at Mojo Pilates is to rehabilitate, educate and empower; supporting and encouraging people to maximise their posture, movement & function.

Mojo classes and workshops also teach those with injuries and conditions how to manage their symptoms most effectively using appropriate exercises, how to regain the confidence they may have lost and ultimately how to improve their quality of life.
We also love to include the best and most complimentary elements of yoga, mindfulness & meditation to our Pilates classes- where appropriate. 
So...what are you waiting for? Come along and get your mojo back!

We really look forward to meeting you soon.

Emma x